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Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Fall in Love



You might be surprised that Libra isn't higher on our list since Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and beauty, rules Libra.

They may enter a relationship solely for the sake of a relationship, just because they value love highly.


When Rams fall in love, they notice nothing and nobody around, getting entirely absorbed in this feeling—they are just 100% confident in their choice.

As energy declines, their thinking may shift 180 degrees, making them mistrust their feelings.


These communication specialists discover mates effortlessly and fall in love easily.

Situations where basic communication leads into a serious relationship are relatively common for them as their life is full with fascinating contacts and friends.


Being influenced by the relationship planet of Venus, they are incredibly romantic

And are strongly attracted to those they meet as love interests, which leads them to readily fall in love.


You presumably picture a Cancer at home with their lover. Relationships are important to this sign.

These people can be extremely compassionate, reassuring, and kind, and also have profound emotional feelings for those they love.


Pisces are destined for love. "Pisceans make wonderful lovers because they have an intense drive to help others.

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