Zodiac Sign-Specific Bedroom Colors

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Decorating the bedroom, the most private space in the home, is generally last. When visitors arrive, just throw everything in the closet and lock the door.

Aries, you're not renowned for blending in. You're the zodiac's bold leader. Your ruler, Mars, gives you desire and determination.

Aries: Ruby

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Taurus loves beauty and calm. Earth signs like soothing hues. However, Venus, the planet of love and romance, rules your taste for indulgence.

Taurus: Green

You like making new acquaintances, interests, and romantic relationships. Mercury, the planet of communication, controls your ideas. You need a creative, free place.

White Gemini

Your bedroom should be a peaceful light purple. Stardust says Cancer like lavender because it's relaxing and secure. 

Cancer: Lavender

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You're creative and bold, and you like to make a statement. As a sun sign, your style and home decor must reflect your heart and ego.

Leo: Gold

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 As an earth sign ruled by Mercury, you prefer clean, uncluttered spaces to clear your mind and focus.

Virgo: Cream

Libra, you're playful. You prefer life's numerous joys and value more. You enjoy more than material possessions.

Libra: Pink

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