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Zodiac Sign Who Fight Dirty


In the event that you engage in an argument with an Aries, expect the individual to bring out the major guns.

This sign is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, and severing bonds is a highly effective military strategy. 

Much as Aries rushes into conflict, Taurus is renowned for its stability. That is, Taurus individuals may settle into a conflict and refuse to surrender.


In the end, this can turn stubborn Taureans into filthy combatants, especially if they believe their property is in danger.

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Calm and unassuming It may seem implausible that cancer would target the neck.


They might not always be aiming for cheap shots. Simply because they are so very brilliant, their objective is valid when they expound.

The challenging aspect of fighting a Scorpio is that you may not realise you're in a fight until they choose their moment and shoot you from the shield. 


Since Capricorns are only concerned with preserving their unwavering position during combat, their attacks may be especially motivated by a desire to win. 


But, these abuses will not be flung at random like Aries. Everything is strategic for Caps.

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