Zodiac Signs' Dirtiest Secrets

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You've undoubtedly heard that Geminis are deceptive and Scorpios lie by omission. These habits just hint at the zodiac signs' mysteries

 Aries takes chances, yet they fear being criticized for an expensive error. Your Aries friend may be more introspective than you believe.

Aries second-guess themselves. 

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Taurus fears they're boring.

They wouldn't alter their lifestyle on a whim, but they wonder whether letting free more regularly may be worth a try.

 Mercury, the talkative and quick-witted planet, allows them to say what others want to hear, even if they don't.

Geminis plz

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Cancer may secretly influence others. This sign may utilize guilt to avoid confrontation when emotions are strong.

Cancers manipulate emotions

They won't stomp on your toes, but if you say you want a peaceful night in when Leo has a hip new party, they'll leave you on the sofa.

Leos enjoy attention.

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Virgos are more inclined to sacrifice their schedule to serve others. So although they may seem in control, they may not be.

Disorganized Virgos.

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