Zodiac Signs' Favorite Romantic Move

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Gifts, time, and touch are all love languages. Whether you're dating or married, these behaviors help a spouse maintain romance.

Aries: Take them out dancing.

Aries are among the most romantic signs because they know how to make their lover feel special

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Taurus is pickiest. They want to rest and pamper themselves since they work hard.

Taurus: Book that new eatery.

Gemini: Have an art museum date. 

A romantic date night at your local art gallery can show your spontaneity.

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Cancers are sensitive romantics who want the whole story. Expressing your deep affection for this water sign can never be too sappy. 

Cancer: Handwrite love letters.

Leo: Deliver flowers monthly.

Replace the dozen red roses with a floral delivery subscription to update the rom-com classic. 

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Virgo: Give something unnecessary.

Virgos are realistic and meticulous in love. They desire to be swept off their feet, yet they struggle to emphasize emotional aspects of relationships.

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