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Zodiac Signs Feeling Unlovable


Cancerians are kind and home-oriented. They're sensitive and appreciate being with their friends.

Cancers, like one other sign, struggle with Earth's severity. Especially if they have a disciplinarian mom, a cruel aunt, or hateful siblings.

They internalise this and think they're being mistreated because of anything wrong with them.


Aquarius is the zodiac's misfit. Not because Aquarians are shunned. 

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Aquarius' laid-back, nonjudgmental energy is usually liked. Aquarius is quite good at developing friends with people from various areas of life.

Aquarius privately feels unlovable, causing the outcast vibe. They worry that no one understands them or their vision.


Pisces is the most sensitive and sympathetic zodiac sign. Pisceans' Earthly existence is unique and unfathomable to others.

As sponges, they absorb the communal dejection, misery, and sadness. It makes them feel unlovable.

Pisces takes a long time to overcome this unworthiness. Once kids separate their feelings from others', it typically happens.

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