Zodiac Signs Make Great Lawyers

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Capricorns are competitive and goal-oriented. Capricorns are the best lawyers.

Because they have the "hunger to win against an opponent" and perseverance to "set them up nicely in a legal profession.


Virgos are thorough, methodical, and disciplined, which makes them good lawyers.

Virgos are smart and set high standards. “They are zodiac perfectionists, but this creates wonderful results.

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Libra, whose emblem is the scales of justice, is on this list by design.

Libra is a sign of "diplomacy and justice. The astrologer claims their dualism makes them debate specialists.


Scorpios are intuitive. Scorpio lawyers can read between the lines and uncover liars.

Scorpios are formidable courtroom opponents because to their inclination to get nasty and defend the weak.

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