Zodiac Signs Most Affected By Full Moons

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Sagittarians, the most receptive zodiac sign to the supernatural, die at the Full Moon.

It's like their freedom becomes unfettered and goose-like.

Sagittarius may cry at the Full Moon, but once they recover, they'll plan something big.


Libras are stable. While they don't like repressing their sentiments, they're stoic and easygoing.

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Librans feel like the floodgates open when the moon pulls on them. Expect tears, insane ideas, and self-hate. But self-hate happens.


After Sagittarius towards the end of the year, your Capricorn thinkers are fired up with nowhere to go.

The Full Moon can frustrate sea goats. Capricorns can turn dissatisfaction into creativity, especially during the Full Moon. 


Aries. Put an Aries beneath a Full Moon and you'll get an emotional avalanche.

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