Zodiac Signs That Hate Attention

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Cancers hide in their shells. Caners are ruled by the moon, which governs our emotions and private lives, therefore they loathe the spotlight.

Cancers oppose Capricorn's quest for fame. Cancers are natural nurturers and like to focus on others rather than themselves.


Over-thinking Virgos are private. The practical earth signs are stage directors and editors, despite their type-A disposition.

They excel at logistics and details. “The sun rules Virgo's 12th house of privacy.

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Scorpio's deadly pincer protects it from threats. Pluto rules the passionate water sign, making them the dark horse.

They often don't mind showing up as a leader in their work, but when it comes to everyday lives.


Aquariuses enjoy revolutions but prefer to work behind the scenes. They are the lone wolf of the zodiac. Sun-Aquarius opposition.

The sun's exuberant exuberance is exiled here, making Aquarius an icy queen. Aquarians are humanitarians.

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