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Zodiac Signs Who Are Hard To Impress


They are not impressed by soft phrases or excessive flirtation. They will be unimpressed by your physical appearance and personality.

To be on the same page with them, you must establish a psychological connection.


As a fixed zodiac sign, Scorpios are responsible for their judgements, which can make them difficult to understand for others.

They have a lot of trust issues, thus it is natural for them to throw up a wall.

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Capricorns have unreasonably high standards and appear flawless.

They value reason over passion and will investigate the actions of possible romantic partners.


A Sagittarius's soul is restless. They are only interested in seeing the world and are careless with their emotions and feelings.

They are outgoing and friendly with everyone, which may cause you to question whether they are interested in you romantically or as a friend.

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