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Zodiac Signs Who Believe In Astrology


Earth signs are the least inclined to believe in astrology based on elements alone.

They're practical and realist, after all. Taurus stands out, especially in love.

Venus-ruled bulls Google a potential partner's zodiac compatibility to discover if they're compatible. They'll prefer knowing a person's zodiac sign, even if they're not.


Cancers realize they are one of the most emotional signs. 

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They cry when touched and apologize for being "such a Cancer."

Moon phases affect their moods since the Moon is their ruling planet. Cancers apologize after being grumpy.


Pisces are the most astrologically inclined sign. First, Neptune, the dreamer, rules spirituality.

Intuition, psychic powers, manifestations, imaginations, and dreams.

Pisces are in sync with the supernatural, therefore astrology makes sense to them. They have astrologers on fast dial because they believe in it.

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