Zodiac Signs Who Hate Being Alone

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Although Aries are extremely independent, they cannot be alone for long since they need recognition and admiration from others.

It would be beneficial for Aries to give themselves the unconditional love and admiration they crave


The destiny of Taurus focuses on "desire," and Taurus individuals are either needy or need to be needed.

Taurus would benefit from understanding that their inherent greatness is not dependant on what they can do or offer to others.

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The sign of the twins desires that their "twin" go with them.

They are virtually consumed with engaging with others and have several ideas they wish to share, bounce off of, and learn from others.


Cancer is the zodiac's nurturer, and since they have an excess of emotional energy, they enjoy being in the company of others


Libra is a friend who seeks stability. They prefer to focus their attention on others rather than themselves.

If Libra can overcome their fears of being alone, they will be able to find connections that improve their already solid tie with themselves.


Scorpions are a sensual sign that is very aware of their animistic tendencies.

They are in control of intimacy and sex, and they transform through blending with others.

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