Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships End

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1. Aries

Today is all about showing some ego, and as an Aries, you'll be taking that concept to new heights.


You are not the type to return to a relationship that has showed signals of disaster, and the one you are in today displays more than signs.


You've got to get off this ship before it sinks, and you know it. You and they have both spoken about everything that needs to be said.

2. Leo

Fear of losing your partner, of having a disagreement with them that goes 'too far,' or of being alone is the last thing you want to admit.

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You've put up with way too much in your relationship because of your fear.


You're both treading on eggshells around each other and ignoring each other, so this is no longer a romantic relationship.

3. Virgo

If only you were a kind person, though, that would be different. You're too worn out to put up much of a fight.


You've given up hope of winning the love war with your so-called soul mate, and you no longer give a damn.

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