Zodiac-Specific Pasta

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The hundreds of pasta combinations provide a world of textures, tastes, and cultures in a simple, tasty dish. There's a pasta for every zodiac sign with so many options to customize it. 

Aries, you're confident and make an impression. You're outspoken and don't sugarcoat your ideas. Thus, people either like you or stay away. 

Aries: Penne Alla Vodka

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Taurus, the sign of daily luxury, prefers the classics. You prefer to stick to your job or romantic route. Cavatappi can handle your favorite bold tastes.

Taurus: Cavatappi

Gemini, you're restless. Your mind never stops, either due to your busy social life or your constant pursuit of new hobbies. You love new things and are inquisitive. 

Gemini: Baked Feta Pasta

You're nostalgic and adore home cooking. You love people and provide them wonderful meals. You probably throw birthday parties and graduations.

Cancer: Lasagna

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Leo, your extroverted nature makes you seem like a diva, but you're not. Underneath that swagger and charm is a laid-back softie. 

Leo: Puttanesca.

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You're realistic and detail-oriented, Virgo. The finest pasta recipe for you will be simple, substantial, and healthful.

Virgo: Chicken Orzo

Libra, you're considered the zodiac's diplomat. You value fairness, but you also like to indulge. You respect quality and take things slowly.

Lamb Ragu

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