Tea for Your Zodiac Sign

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Tired of getting the same coffee every morning before work? Maybe you want a warm drink on a cold day? Hot tea always soothes. Hot water plus a tea bag make it a global drink.

Aries are enthusiastic, confident, and adore waking up early to prepare their day. A caffeine-rich drink will help you conquer the world. 

Aries: Earl Gray 

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Tauruses are realistic. You'll work hard because you can see the broader picture. You love life's minor comforts more than others. 

Taurus: Chamomile

Nowadays, bubble tea stores are ubiquitous, so you may discover one when out with friends.

Gemini: Bubble Tea

 Masala chai's clove, cardamom, and cinnamon flavors perfectly capture Cancerian vigor. 

Cancer: Masala Chai

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The blooming species of herbal tea converts tea leaves into gorgeous flower displays when triggered by hot water, appealing to your theatrical side.

Leo: Blooming Herbal Tea

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 Virgos seem modest and practical. You also have flexibility and enjoyment. Earth signs love nature and spending time with friends. 

Virgo: Lemon Rooibos

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